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ESTABLISHED IN 2003, With a long history of satisfied clients we have demonstrated commitment to finding cost effective ways to provide IT support for businesses of all sizes.

Backup Overview

databackupThe first thing you need to know is that data backups are a requirement and not an option. What is the impact to you or your organization if any one of the following occur, whether on your system or someone else’s in your office or on your server

          • ·Hard Disk failure
          • ·Accidental deletions
          • ·Random file corruption
          • ·Unit destruction (e.g. theft, fire…) including the destruction of local archives

There are many solutions out there that can be customized to meet your objectives. Tell us your situation and we can offer you solutions to mitigate your exposure in the likely hood of any of the above scenarios occurring.

Security Health Check Services

ethical_hackerTest the effectiveness of your internal security control mechanism:

          • ·Network Security Assessment
          • ·Host/Server Security Assessment
          • ·Application Security Assessment
          • ·Security Policies, Processes, Procedures Assessment
          • ·Physical Security Assessment
          • ·Personnel & Organization Security Assessment
          • ·Regulation and Non-Compliance Assessment (optional services to prepare for external audit against regulation such as Sarbanes Oxley, COBIT, PCI DSS (Data              Security Standard))

VPN - Working When Not At Work

managed_itWith the advent of the Internet, the opportunity exists to provide temporary links across the public network between companies and sites. Instead of creating a true private network with all its attendant costs and management issues, ITuitive can provide a Virtual Private Network (VPN). With a VPN, companies can connect each office or Local Area Network to a local Internet Service Provider (ISP) and route data through the Internet, thereby using shared, low-cost public bandwidth as the communications backbone.

While multinational corporations have reaped the benefits of sharing data and resources across enterprise-wide computer networks for decades, today's VPN technology offers these advantages to companies of any size.

What's important to recognize is that VPN technology has made the Internet safe for sensitive business communications. The VPN sets up a private tunnel for each site on the network, similar to commercial leased lines, but at a dramatically lower cost. Unlike costly leased lines, the VPN's data is protected using powerful encryption, so that neither hackers nor ISPs can eavesdrop on private traffic.

Network Design

Network-DesignThese days, an efficient network is a core requirement of any successful business. If you are not yet networked, we will design and implement a cost effective solution that responds to your immediate needs, and that can easily evolve as you grow.  If you are already networked, and if you need ITuitive can conduct a proper assessment of your current arrangement and recommend changes that will optimize its functionality and enhance your business performance.  We are Experienced and Professional. 


nospamAntiSpam: Your email backup solution:  Are you currently using Microsoft Small Business server with Exchange mail?
There are several reasons that you may not receive email from client or suppliers:

1) Your internet service provider has an outage.
2) Power outages.
3) Your server crashes due to a power spike or brown out which your uninterrupted power supply cannot handle.  
4) Your modem, switches or router becomes defective or damaged.
5) Your server has a failure that is hardware or software related.  Any of these issues can affect you company from being able to receive important email.  The image of your company is preserved by the fact that your customers will always be able to get their emails sent through to your organization.

Ituitive can configure your exchange server in a way so that if you experience service outages of any degree, email can be automatically redirected to our servers at our location.  Our servers have redundant heavy duty power supplies and we have multiple ISP’s serving our location, this will ensure that your email is never lost or “bounced-back”. Even if you add or delete users the system will adapt to the changes.

Backup To The Cloud

 backupcloudIBT provides data back-up and restore solutions to small and mid-sized businesses providing the highest level of security in the industry. Mitigation of risk is a key element of any compliance or regulatory environment and our multi-level storage capability insures that all data, including business critical data, is restored when you require it, where you require it. Local and Enterprise data and applications are automatically and securely safeguarded against all risks and threats with the industry's most trusted platform. We can also Store your data on Servers specifically located in Canada

The ITuitive Difference


All of our Engineers are multi-disciplined with decades of experience to draw upon to ensure our client have the access to the best resources to resolve the technical issues facing their organization.

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