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Email Hosting

email_icon_1For as vital as email is to most businesses, ITuitive reminds you that it's important to select the type of email hosting and software that fits your business. Whether you choose to run your own email servers or simply opt for your email to be hosted offsite, proper implementation and execution remain vital. At ITuitive we offer both POP3 and IMAP4 Hosting with full Spam and virus filtering.

Office Move

 moving1[1]Moving or reconfiguring your office deserves proper planning and execution, especially when it comes to computer systems and networks. Let ITuitive professionals assist you in making the move as seamless as possible. Our services include:

          • » Pre-move inventory
          • » Equipment packing/unpacking/Tagging
          • » Server shutdowns and reboots
          • » Equipment move
          • » Network reconfiguration
          • » Post-move follow-up
          • » WI-FI setup and segregation


wirelessIncreasingly, wireless networks are a smart option for businesses that need to address networking issues such as:

          • - Adding new people without hardwiring their computers Personnel who need to work in multiple spaces
          • - Are you moving into a space without networking cable? ITuitive can design, configure, install and secure your wireless network, whatever requirements you may have
          • - Tighter wireless security and access control

Worms & Email

computervirusWorms - Viruses that reside in the active memory of a computer and duplicate themselves. Worms are typically transmitted through email.

Email Virus - A virus that moves via email messages and typically replicates by emailing itself to those contacts in the victim's email address book.

Put systems in place to avoid these potential issues, that could get very costly to remove.

General Help

Confused man and question marksCount on ITuitive to provide the full breadth of technical assistance that you may require. We understand that lost time means lost productivity, so we are always prepared to respond to your needs. Our technical assistance includes:

          • ·Software and Hardware Upgrades
          • ·Printer Repair and Maintenance
          • ·Troubleshooting and Repair
          • ·Software Cleanups and Removal of old Unused Files
          • ·Internet Filtering and Screening
          • ·Removing Temporary Files Which are no Longer Needed
          • ·De-Fragmenting all Disks
          • ·Hard Drive Scanning
          • ·Cleaning your Computer Housing to Optimize air Ventilation
          • ·Application Support/End-User Software Support (On-Site And Help Desk)
          • ·Support For Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 Apple, Linux And Unix
          • ·Microsoft Office Assistance
          • ·Application and Operating System Patches
          • ·End User  Server Support
          • ·Microsoft Exchange Server Planning, Installation and Maintenance
          • ·Electronic Paperless Fax
          • ·New and Used Hardware Sales
          • ·Preventive Maintenance Training and Skills Development
          • ·CD Duplication

Website Design

web_designIn today's market any business is obliged to build an online presence. Whether it's a calling card site, a digital brochure, or a fully-customized e-commerce site, ITuitive works with experienced web developers and can help implement a solution that is right for you.

Our solutions are based on proven technologies and we have certified professionals on staff to ensure best practices throughout the entire development process. We'd be pleased to discuss your objectives and challenges.


Domain Name Registration

domain-name-costItuitive offers domain registrations for the .com, .net, .ca, etc,.

We will register and renew for the following prices and using the following process.



Remote Support Services

remotesupportRemote support allows our IT staff to control the computer experiencing the problems from any other computer connected to the Internet. Most remote support sessions lead to an expeditious resolution of the problem or further discovery in collaboration with the client . This level of support will save you time and money by mitigating the travel time and expense a technician needs to get to your site.

Remote Support Policies:

          • • Time is billed in 1/4 hour increments.
          • • Standard Support Rates are applicable during normal business hours.
          • • Non standard hours will be billed at 1.5x regular rates.
          • • Statutory Holidays will be billed at 2.5x regular rates.

Ituitive Hours of Operation are Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM,

Any support given during these times will be billed at the client’s respective hourly rate. Our response to your requests is dictated by the support contract you have in place. If you do not have a contract in place, then IBT will provide a Best Efforts approach to your request and prioritize based on the severity of the call.

Additional Coverage is available if requested.

Onsite Support Service

server-supportItuitive can support most systems remotely but anything that can’t be fixed remotely will require an onsite technician.  Onsite technicians are scheduled in order to accommodate the client need.  If you do not have a contract in place, then IBT will provide a Best Efforts approach to your request and prioritize based on the severity of the call.

Onsite Policies:

          • • Standard Support Rates are applicable during normal business hours.
          • • Non standard hours will be billed at 1.5x regular rates.
          • • Stat Holidays will be billed at 2.5x regular rates.
          • • Travel time* is billable one way to the client site. (up to 1 hour in the GTA**.)
        • *Travel times for Emergency responses are billable on the actual travel time
        • **Set travel time are set after 2 visits to the client site.

The ITuitive Difference


All of our Engineers are multi-disciplined with decades of experience to draw upon to ensure our client have the access to the best resources to resolve the technical issues facing their organization.

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